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EE Styles was created by Ashlee Hartsfield in Atlanta, Ga. (Many of you may wonder what the “EE” means, well, it’s because my first name Ashlee ends with double e’s. Some of my friends call me “Double E” so I just added Styles to the end.. it rang a bell and stuck for the business name.)

I have always had an eye for the beauty and  significance of West African culture + style. I decided to put together my own touch of the motherland with accessories that are chosen + designed by me, but handmade by artisans in Ghana.

With your EE Styles support and purchases you are also helping to support these artisans businesses and families. The work done by these talented women is incredible, giving you quality accessories directly from their hands to yours. 

This project is dedicated to my loving mother, Deloris Hartsfield. Thank you for giving me your blessings on the start of this business. 

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  • I am sooooo proud of you cousin and so is your Mommy. Keep striving and grinding!
    Love you much!!!!

    Lisa Garmon-Bucknor

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